Are you ready to Transform?

Transform is the latest concept created by Estelle Love Light.

This uniquely designed class, practice, work-out structure combines Estelle's love of Fitness with Yoga.

In Transform we use the magic 20/20/20 formula 20 mins fitness, 20 minutes yoga & 20 minutes mindfulness.

To support body awareness, Transform will focus on different elements of the body, not only to create body awareness but to strengthen and increase flexibility, these elements include —. balancing and alignment,

  • core and extension work,

  • own body weight lifting and inversions, —warming up and cooling down the body safely

  • rest and recovery

To highlight our mindful practise Transform is themed around seven forces which include, happiness, contentment, strength, love for ourselves, the power of our own voice, trusting our intuition and freedom from limits.

The Transform 49 Day Challenge is designed for everyone! 

This 7 week program consists of 7 weekly plans following the above structure.

Each week you will be issued with a new plan that contains a fitness workout, yoga flow and inner reflection activities.

During the Transform challenge you will set goals use affirmations and record your improvements, body & mind, helping you to understand that anything is possible all you have to do is work hard and believe.

The cost of the program is £35 and can be purchased by clicking the below link!

The start date for the program is Monday 27th Jan!

The 49 Day Transform Challenge promises to transform your body and mind. This process will introduce you to and instil self discipline, self confidence, self awareness and most importantly self love!

See Estelle's results!

Transform has been tried and tested with Estelle inviting you on her postpartum journey. 

Estelle shared her journey with us daily on instagram and here she is now!!