Retreat Reviews

May 2019

"This retreat has been simply amazing, more than I ever expected for the bottom of my heart, that is rarely I will say this , all my love Lucinda"

"Thank you for everything, the food, the fitness, the yoga, it was all gorgeous, I definitely will be back for more! it has been a dream come true to share this experience with you and such an amazing bunch of ladies. Love Laura"
"This retreat has been a life changing experience. Thank you so much for all your help and guidance throughout. I will 100% be back for more, it has been amazing! Thank you Lots of Love Jess xx"
"What an incredible experience you've created for everyone here in this special place.  Estelle you've passed on your magical light and love to us all and you truly are a goddess.  Sal the fairy godmother, you've been a dream and a little ray of sunlight when we've needed your help. Peter, A true inspiration and motivational person !! looking forward to hot hiit & the hill, back in the big smoke. Thank you from my soul not just the bottom of my heart! Sophie"
"Thank you so much!! This has been amazing !! I've always wanted to do something like this and your provided the opportunity, honestly it has been such an amazing experience and thank you so much. God Bless you."
"What an amazing experience this retreat has been, thank you so much all three of you for making it so great. Loads of Love, Charlottle xxx"
"Boss man Pete, the beautiful Estelle and the wonderful Sally, What an honour to work with you all on your inspiring and very special retreat. Thank you so much for having me to capture the incredible work you do, I've loved every minute !  you all have created something very special. I hope we get to work together in the future, but until then thank you again. Sasha"
"What can we say, we have had the most amazing time, it has been wonderful and we will be back!! Thank you lots of love Julia & Jess"
"Thank you for the most amazing week.  You honestly will never know how much this week has meant to me.  Estelle you have been my rock and inspiration more than you will ever know. I honestly don't know where I would be without you.  Peter you are such a gorgeous gentle soul. You have created something amazing I will be eternally thankful for. You have my heart. Up the reds! Emma"
"Guys PMac, Estelle and Sally, I really cannot put into works what this retreat has done for me. I have hurt in places I have never felt before and bent body parts I never thought I could. I have made life long friends and wouldn't change my experience for the world.  Thank you all for the experience and for the hard work you have put in to make it so special for us all. Challenging, inspiration and unforgettable it has truly been life changing. Love you all thank you again. Ceilidh xx"
"Estelle, one of the most beautiful humans I ever will meet. Your warmth and light radiates from your head to your feet with kindness and compassion and that unique gentle touch, you have given me the gift of yoga to love so very much!
Sally, you are the one who has kept everything running like a dream, you have a very special gift, bringing us all together as a team. Your efforts have not gone unnoticed accommodating every single request, always available, ready with a smile and a hug, without you this retreat wouldn't have been the best.
PMAC the guy online of whose content I was a fan, this week though I met Peter, what a genuine, big hearted gentlemen! All you ask it trust but what you give is so much more, an unfaltering belief that each and everyone of us could be better than before.  Through every failed attempt, I hope we aid you proud, and don't forget pet.... one, two, squeeze, four, five... it helps to count out loud!!This isn't the journey rather it is just the start, and for giving me the belief to keep going, I thank you for the bottom of my heart.   Big love all round, Rachel"
Suki   Attended  Oct 2018

Fitness retreat at Finca Monasterio in Andalusia


Old monastery converted into a hotel

Beautiful location, surroundings, peaceful and calming

Rooms are lovely with antique furniture, so beautiful and clean

Swimming pool is a fair size, clean and very refreshing.


Friendly and very hospitable, they tended to all our needs without any hesitation.

The owner of the hotel is from Ireland, he is friendly, courteous and very accommodating and has 2 gorgeous dogs.


The food was amazing, very tasty and lots of it

Everyone was catered for, there were some great food choices for everyone

Breakfast, lunch, dinner and 2 snacks served everyday all freshly made

There were definitely no complaints from our group



This retreat was superb; it was everything I wanted in a retreat, some intense exercises (very gruelling), calming yoga and meditation (very relaxing)

We did 8 classes per day, starting with a 5k run first thing in the morning

The group members were all so amazing, friendly, helpful and a great team to work out with

We were all there for different reasons and from all different walks of life



PMAC is the trainer that did all the intense exercises, I’m not going to lie it was hard work

He is tough, encouraging, helpful and explained all the exercises before and whilst we did our daily routine.  If there were any exercises you couldn’t do, he would show you this in depth after the class and help you master the exercise


Estelle is an inspirational yoga teacher; she is brilliant, helpful, encouraging, pleasant, patient and has a lovely persona about her.

Her yoga classes are relaxing, she taught us all a lot, if there was a pose you couldn’t do for whatever reason she would help and encourage you to achieve that goal, which a few of us did

I have never liked yoga, but after Estelle’s session I became a lover of it.

I loved all her classes and feel like I benefited from each one.

She was very accommodating in every way, an amazing lady.


Lastly Sally organised all the flights and transfers, she did an outstanding job getting us all to the venue on time.

She accommodated every ones needs as much as she could and always with a smile on her face


All in all this is an amazing and more importantly an enjoyable retreat, It was one of the best experiences of my life and I will definitely l be booking to attend the next one that’s for sure.