It's a wrap for 2018, heres to 2019!

Hey Guys!


So two retreats in and it feels like Peter and I have been working together forever!


I am just loving that people who have never tried yoga before are realising how yoga can not only transform their bodies but also their performance. The combination of Fitness and Yoga works so well together, stretched out hip flexors make for faster running and a deep connection to the core through yoga makes Peters abs classes even more effective.


Our October retreat was our biggest yet with 18 people joining us throughout the week, we feel like we have now found our retreat home at Finca Monesterio. This magical secret garden in the countryside with plenty of space for indoor and outdoor activities and such an amazing chef to cater to all our culinary needs.  One of the highlights for me was that every food preference was catered for, from the chicken lovers like Peter to the vegan like me 😜.  I am delighted that so many of our attendees have requested our recipes from the retreat, I think our favourites where the protein cookies, the delicious (special recipe) porridge and the black bean chilli 🌶


What I love most about our retreats is the community we are creating, on each retreat each member is supporting each other and rooting for one another to reach their personal best, it’s not a competition it is a team sport. I know all the beautiful people in the last retreat where pleased with the results whether it be being able to fit into their party dress of a Saturday, running their first 5k run or revealing abs they never knew they had! I am so excited that so many are already booked to come back and see us next year!


Peter and I don’t take life to seriously and are retreats have this vibe, we want our attendees to have none stop fun while learning about themselves and their capabilities (which I call super powers)


On the Retreat we start our days at 8am and we are still together as a group at 9pm, the evening meal is a great way for us to reflect on the previous day and set goals for the next. My favourite night of our last retreat was Flamenco dancing and I know that our squatting and hip opening throughout the week helped because there were serious moves on the Dance floor 🤪


 Peter and I want to make our retreat in May even bigger and better, just like our students have their personal best we have ours and that is to reach more people so they can realise their inner superpowers like Peter says “why just be good when you can be great!”


So why not Come and join us in May don’t let fear hold you back, dedicate time to you to F.L.Y (first love yourself).