30 Days dedicated to you!

Estelle is the Creator and Director of Liverpool Yoga Studios a Yoga & Fitness hub based in Liverpool City Centre.

Here is her latest blog post about LYS's famous 30 Days, Fitness & Yoga Challenge!

30 Days dedicated to you!

by Estelle Director Liverpool Yoga Studios

There are times in our life when we come to a point of feeling a little empty that we literally have no more to give and this is the time when you have to listen to that inner intuitive voice inside that says enough is enough, I need to take something back for me and what better way to fill yourself up then with Yoga, Fitness & Mindful Relaxation.

From way back in the Bikram days we have loved a 30 day challenge at LYS , what a way to grow as a community to all grow together, inspiring and spurring each other on even when the thought of another hot class makes you feel like running for the hills, you know the best way to fill your cup with abundance is another class.

I myself have done many 30 day challenges from Bikram marathons to Fitness and Aerial 30 day challenges , and was very lucky to share a Bikram 30 day challenge with my dad, the benefits of the challenge shone from him, he lost weight, stopped smoking, made healthier eating choices and told everyone how fantastic he felt! It was clear to see as his teacher how his practise was coming along, it’s never about the depth of the posture but it is about the interpretation the body makes, a deeper understanding means increased benefits which is the result of frequent classes in a short space of time.

At 62 doing a Bikram challenge my dad was an inspiration to many and there are so many happy memories of those days of our Bikram community sweating it out together and LYS has since made many more sweaty memories.

Nothing stays the same forever and as the studio members grew so did our facilities so of course our 30 day challenges had to evolve too and now are 30 day challenges involve many different aspects from Spinning to Ashtanga, Aerial to Hot Hero you can combine them all together to get a deeper exploration of your body, mind and mental strength. You can tailor make your 30 day challenge to you.

So why 30 days well it is enough time to get past the beginning stage of a new habit, when the benefits and the practise is not fully ingrained and it is plenty of time for you also to see progress in existing habits. So whether you new or have been into fitness for a while, our 30 day challenge is for you.

There is definitely less of a chance that you will prematurely stop the habit when you commit upfront to a challenge for 30 days especially if your doing it in a community like LYS we just love writing our name on the board at the end of class and getting our pic taken by our famous tree of life.

A 30 day challenge, is a commitment to your health, wellness and spirit. We to often help others around us, only to find that we are exhausted, stressed out, with a completely empty cup.

Through a 30 Day Challenge at LYS you can give yourself time each day to revive and create a healthier inner environment filling your cup right up, thus allowing you to inspire and help others effectively while keeping lots of energy for themselves.

Our mission at LYS is to help ourselves then go out and help others.

LYS's secret to 30 day challenge success is having our amazing community peer support, our community is both encouraging and inspiring and when students do the 30 day challenge together they reap the rewards cultivating healthy happy body and minds to go away and share.

If you have not done a challenge at LYS yet you must, you deserve 30 days dedicated to you release & realise your true potential.

Cheers from my very much Abundant cup 😜